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Advancing Encouragement
Get James Jr. Hairston's Brand New Book Advancing Encouragement with messages from our first year and Second year! If you love reading our messages online then you will love this book because all of our messages are categorized in chapters and topics for your easy reading and finding your favorite message for your encouragement! Some of messages have been revised for more clarity and are great for your encouragement!
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The Apex Shift: Shift From Religion To The Mountain Of The House Of The Lord Paperback – July 10, 2021
by James Hairston (Author)

By the mercies of God our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth I beseech everyone that reads the message in this book that you take heed to it. I know this was given by the Holy Ghost to warn the people of God and to be prepared for the New Wine pouring down from Heaven into new Wineskins in Jesus Name, The Mountain Of The House Of The Lord In the Top (Apex) Of The Mountains above the hills. New Wine cannot be poured out into old wineskins for New Wineskins are required with the separation of tare churches and wheat churches until they will be gathered together and separated by the Lord Jesus Christ at judgement!​​
The Apex Shift Advancing Encouragement